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Sharing Options

So many options to get your app to go viral and spread quickly!

Users can share YOUR app on a variety of platforms. The SHARE and Tell Friend tab accesses their basic messaging features (text & email) PLUS any social apps they have installed on their phone. Users can enable sharing-capable apps, customizing their personal “share menu” for quick access.

Users can share via:

  • QR Codes
  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Facebook Post
  • LinkedIn Post
  • And many more!

Examples Below

Quickly share your app by promoting your custom QR codes!

Your Share button can be displayed on the Home screen:

Other live examples below!

Text Message – Email – Facebook – Twitter & More…

Choose which options you want available to share:

Users can easily enable more apps to appear in their main sharing menu:

The pre-populated message is only composed of the Info section URLs. You have the ability to edit the message and links.

Links provide ONE TAP Sharing

Examples of share messages:

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