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Connect Local Business is your source for the most effective and affordable marketing solutions available today for the online, offline and mobile world. Below are the products and services we offer to help you increase exposure and bring new growth to your business.

Custom Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5)

Increase exposure, increase loyalty and increase sales! Own your own mobile app and have the competitive advantage. Put your entire business right into your customer’s phone and have DIRECT communication with them. Stay ahead of the trends and position yourself for explosive growth. We provide an affordable and effective way to own your own mobile app. We also teach you how to increase customer loyalty and create new growth through our custom mobile app features. Utilize “one click calling” and “one click GPS directions”, “Push Notifications”, QR and GPS coupons, customer feedback, events, news, offer alerts, contests, social proof, surveys, direct marketing and much more! Click HERE for more info.

Website Development

Let us build a professional online presence for you and your business. Our optimized websites are focused on bringing you more exposure and increased credibility and sales. Our goal is to put you in front of the potential buyers that are searching for your products and/or services. The Internet has allowed businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible, virtually, from any country in the world by a potential customer that has Internet access. A website is not just a medium for representation of your company, it is a form of media from which everybody can acquire information about your company and products / services.

  • Fully optimized
  • Integrated meta-tags & keywords
  • Complete mobile converting version (HTML5 available)
  • Contact and submission forms
  • Image galleries
  • Estimate forms
  • Video integration
  • Map integration
  • Many additional features

Exclusive Business to Business

This is an exclusive opportunity to work with the local businesses in your community to promote each other’s business, product or service. This single opportunity can make all the difference for your company and also for the local economy.

Local Online & Mobile Marketing

Be found EVERYWHERE online and on mobile devices! Show up on Google and other search engines, maps, GPS devices and smart phones. It’s the next wave when it comes to local marketing. We put you in front of everyone within your local region that are searching daily for your services or products whether it is online or on their mobile device. Because of the massive marketing that we do, we are unfortunately limited on the number of businesses that we can work with and provide our Local Online services.

Social Media Marketing

We review, map out, plan, market and manage your Social Media! Let us help build your brand and increase your exposure. Our strategic social media marketing techniques are focused on bringing in new clients and customers to your business. Along with these strategies we also assist in creating social proof and support that continues the relationship with existing customers.

Video Marketing

People do business with those that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. With the internet and mobile access, there is no better way to solve this then with informative and influential videos. Connect Local Business is your source for successful internet and video marketing. We assist people to know, like and trust you, converting them into paying clients and customers.

Campaign Marketing

Our Campaign Marketing is our unique marketing solution that not many businesses provide or even know about. Through this marketing effort we provide multiple websites, pages, articles and many other forms of exposure that we will not disclose at this time. All of which are to test the most effective forms of marketing, where your potential clients are, and where they are searching for you. We then conclude what is best suited for your business and industry and then put you in multiple places all over the web and your company will dominate the competition.

Additional Products & Services


  • Keywords placed in title tags, meta tags, header and content
  • Established links: local directories, article marketing, Web 2.0, video marketing, blogs, social bookmarks

Web 3.0

  • Videos, Press Releases, Articles, Squidoo, Hub pages, etc.


  • Geo-targeting ads/keywords
  • PPC (Optional): Advertise to people in your city, zip code or region
  • Cheaper clicks, targeted traffic and lower competition
  • Content Network PPC (Geo-Target content)

Additional Objectives

  • Receive rankings in the local business search results
  • Positioned in local online business directories
  • High local search results
  • Article marketing
  • Blog on their site = “long-tail” and pushes their site up all their target keywords


  • Geo-targeting ads/keywords
  • PPC (Optional): Advertise to people in your city, zip code or region
  • Cheaper clicks, targeted traffic and lower competition
  • Content Network PPC (Geo-Target content)

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