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Own your own mobile app and have the competitive advantage! Put your entire business right into your customer’s phone and have DIRECT communication with them. Stay ahead of the trends and position yourself for explosive growth. Having a mobile app is professional, trendy, viral, and necessary; however, just owning an app is not the secret to success. It’s how you effectively market through your custom app that will assist you in achieving MASSIVE results and success and we teach you exactly how to do it. We provide an affordable and effective way to own your own mobile app. We also teach you how to increase customer loyalty and create new growth through our custom mobile app features. Utilize one click call and one click GPS directions, “Push Notifications”, QR and GPS coupons, customer feedback, events, news, offer alerts, contests, social proof, surveys, direct marketing and much more!

”Mobile Marketing is the MOST powerful media ever invented”
– New York Times

Our Mobile App Features

Push Notifications

This feature allows customers to receive updates from your business instantaneously! This includes offers or special promotions. Not only will you be able to send your customers who utilize your app, messages in real time, but it will also allow you to save costs on advertising! What more could you ask for?

  • Send appointment reminders
  • Fill in open time by sending immediate call to actions through daily specials
  • Inform all your clients & customers of new events, specials, promotions and more

About/Contact Us

This feature allows customers to learn more about your business at ease and with a touch of a button they can contact you directly for more information.

Directions & Maps

Directions & Maps allows customers to locate your business premises easily. Especially for upcoming events or new branches and offices. Customers can whip out their GPS smartphone and punch in the location and off they go!


This feature allows customers to track all your major events including big sales, promotions and anniversary galas. Customers have the choice to purchase tickets from the app through Eventbrite, Eventful, Songkick, Bandsintown and much more.

One-Tap to Call

Allow your customers to call your business at the tap of a button without re-entering your number onto theirsmartphone.


This is the quickest way to spread the word about your business and encourage them to download your app. It allows customers to share your app with their family, friends and colleagues through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sharing tools. Who needs advertising when referrals and social media will do all the work for you? These referrals are more solid when comes to keeping loyal customers – it’s all about trust.


Save valuable time by not being on the phone scheduling and rescheduling. As a business owner you can utilise your free time to grow your business instead. Your customers will love the convenience of being able to reschedule or cancel an appointment anytime, just by a click of a button withouthaving to make a call.


Want to stand out from the crowd?This Coupon feature offer great valuable benefits to your customers by broadcasting your very own coupon deals, promotions and special offers in the palm of your customers’ hands any time. Who needs coupon books or coupon websites? Be unique and generate revenue for your business at a rapid pace!


This feature allows the customers to browse through your delicious menu easily and view high quality images of the dishes without any trouble having to zoom in and out. It works amazingly with the Food Order feature, both features go hand in hand. They are both fast, easy and convenient for your customers.


Imagine your customers having the flexibility to purchase your products and services anywhere and anytime without a desktop computer, using an integrated mobile shopping cart through eBay, Shopify, Etsy and many more. Apps provide the ease and comfort for businesses knowing a purchase opportunity is not missed.

Table Bookings

This feature allows customers to reserve a table by whipping out their smartphone by using their app. This provides ease of convenience for the customers and saves a vast amount of time for staff.They will not need to take calls and waste time on data entry on the computer. The staff are then able to utilize their time on more important tasks. As you are aware, time is money.Table bookings can be madeusing the app through OpenTable, Urbanspoon, TopTable and any other restauranttable bookings URL.

Food Ordering

Customers are time poor nowadays.Most have a busy lifestyle and are on the rush frequently, not to mention their hectic work hours. By using this feature, customers will have the flexibility to place their order on the move via GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24Hours, OLO, Online Ordering and other online services available to them. No one likes to wait. Make their life easier and more time efficient by integrating this feature and they will love you for it.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews allow an increase in awareness to your brand. This feature allows customers to provide and share their feedbacks and/or reviews by adding Yelp, Citysearch and other guides. Customer Reviews also allow businesses to attractmore new customers provided that your business has an excellent reputation, this in turn saves you as the business owner, on marketing costs. This will alsoincrease revenue for your business.

Collections & Catalogues

Showcasing your products and services has never been so easy. This feature allows your customers to browse through various categories easily in a neatly organised manner without losing interest.

RSS Feeds

These days customers like to stay informed about what’s happening around us. Keep them updated with your business news, blog, radio or any other media tools by using this feature.

Photo Gallery

Allow your customersto browse through a variety of photos, ranging from company events, grand openings, new products, promotional launches and many more via Facebook, Tumblr, Picasa, Flickr and others.

Social Media

Create more awareness when customers makes referrals and post statuses about your products and services on all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, using your mobile app.


This Music feature allows you as a business owner, to get creative! Add your own music to the playlist via SoundCloud, Beatport and other services so that your customers are always jamming to the beat wherever they go. Ideal for bands and musicians to showcase their work and sell their albums from iTunes and Amazon using the app.

Video Library

Video Library involves having a video library in an app, which showcases your business products and services. Educational how to videos and your customers’ testimonials will increase the likelihood of customers purchasing from you. The videos can all be linked to YouTube and Vimeo.

Style Editing

Create your own unique feel to the app with Style Editing. Add a spark to its functionality with different selection of layout options, icons, colours, images and splash screens whilst loading.


Increase your revenue by using the app in forms of coupons, e-commerce, mobile marketing, loyalty stamp cards and other monetization features.


Stay ahead of the game by displaying analytics of your app – tracking its performances on a daily basis. Have a clear idea on what is thriving and what needs modifying in your business. This will give you a general overview, so as a business owner you are not left behind against your competitors. Be sure to stay informed at all cost!

Promotional Tools

Allow everyone to be aware of your app by sharing with them using generated QR codes, landing pages, banners and so much more with this Promotional Tools feature.

Preview & Testing

This feature allows you to preview and test your app before it goes live on any mobile platform.

Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers on a regular or weekly basis in regards to special promotional offers, discount sales, products and services updates. This will utilize geo-targeted push notifications.

Mailing List

Collect customer’s information by having a mailing list with this feature. Use email marketing for further user engagement about your product and services.

Loyalty Cards

Increase your revenue by having customersreturn using loyalty programs. These will be electronically stamped each time they make a purchase. Forget the old days of stamp cards, mobilize your business with this feature! What a fun way for customers to gain discounts and for you as the business owner to maintain loyal customers.


The Audio feature allows you as a business owner, to get creative! Add your own coaching conferences or seminars to the playlist so that your customers are always constantly learning wherever they go. Ideal for life coaches, personal trainers and speakers to showcase their work and sell it on iTunes and Amazon using the app.

Image & Photo Gallery

Customers can capture, share and view photos using this app from the camera gallery.This feature allows app users to capture all the memorable moments whether it’s at a party, function or grand opening. The feature allows for customer participation – creating marketing competition that allows users to interact and share photos.

Feedback Report Forms

This feature is a convenient way to allow customers to report issues, send valuable feedback to yourselves as the business owner, in order to improve your business. It allows you to schedule meetings, and assist with managing of your products and services.

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