In 2008 Damian first started his online journey by studying internet marketing. Overtime he developed an understanding of the effective techniques and changing trends that were taking place online and was able to benefit greatly from these changes while they were underutilized. After months of setting up his new marketing venture to launch an international product line, he recognized many unique and untapped strategies that would offer great advantages for small and local businesses and launched ConnectLocalBusiness.com.

Damian has always had an interest and passion for new technology and strategic marketing and has launched several online companies utilizing these innovative marketing techniques and has helped many small businesses achieve success through the internet and mobile space. He now operates several companies that solely utilize the internet and mobile applications and has successfully published over 300 mobile apps collectively reaching over 4 million downloads!

ConnectLocalBusiness.com has been focussed on providing leading edge marketing and services through advanced technology for small businesses at a very affordable price. Marketing methods and technology are constantly changing and understanding how to adapt is vital for the longterm success of businesses. However, recognizing these niche trends before others will place you well ahead of the competition and will position you to dominate your market and niche.

Achieving success today through the online and mobile industry is entirely different than it was a couple years ago. Strategies are always evolving and NEW and effective techniques are discovered which allows the innovative to always be ahead of the competition.