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About Connect Local Business

We are a company focused on helping small businesses transition to the fastest growing industries in history… ONLINE & MOBILE!

Our Founders have been involved in online marketing, SEO and website development since 2008 and began developing and publishing mobile apps in 2010. The founders have always had a passion for new technology and strategic marketing and have helped many small businesses achieve success through the internet and mobile space. is a debt free company, meaning we will always be in business to help our clients succeed. We have been focussed on providing leading edge marketing and services through advanced technology for small businesses at a very affordable price. Marketing methods and technology are constantly changing and understanding how to adapt is vital for the longterm success of businesses. However, recognizing these niche trends before others will place you well ahead of the competition and will position you to dominate your market and niche.

Achieving success today through the online and mobile industry is entirely different than it was a couple years ago. Strategies are always evolving and NEW and effective techniques are discovered which allows the innovative to always be ahead of the competition.

Let us do the work for you and increase exposure to your business in multiple ways.


Ask yourself:
Are you keeping ahead of the changing trends?
Are you experiencing an increase of traffic and sales each quarter?
Are you positioned to secure your presence in the online world?

Our goal is to help you answer YES to all the above presented questions.

Once we approve your business for our services, we immediately seek out which direction we will take your company to help you in achieving increased visibility and sales!

Connect Local Business

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